Rise of the Runelords

The Skinsaw Murders

Adventure Synopsis

This adventure begins as the PCs become involved in a murder mystery, but what at first seems like an isolated incident is revealed to be the start of a string of murders plaguing Sandpoint. Following the clues, the PCs come to suspect a man they met not long ago, local aristocrat Aldern Foxglove, who has recently been attempting to renovate his old family holdings to the south. Arriving at Foxglove Manor, the PCs find the mansion anything but renovated. It is, in fact, haunted by Aldern’s ancestors churned into activity after Aldern’s recent murder of his wife, Iesha. Aldern himself has become a particularly insane ghast, and now dwells in caverns deep below the manor. After the PCs confront him, they discover he was committing his crimes at the request of a larger conspiracy based in the city of Magnimar. Following up on clues uncovered there, the PCs learn of the existence of a cult of murderers who call themselves the Skinsaw Men. The PCs strike against the cult and expose its leader as one of Magnimar’s chief justices, yet even here the puppet strings do not end, for Justice Ironbriar is himself being manipulated by a shadowy mastermind that has moved into an abandoned clocktower in Magnimar’s most dangerous district. If they wish to see the Skinsaw Murders come to an end, the PCs must brave this crumbling tower and defeat the powerful lamia matriarch who has claimed it as her lair.



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